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Self Love

Are you giving yourself what you need?

Self Love video #3

Listen to yor needs.

In your daily life become aware whenever you start getting gfrustrated… this is often a sign that you are not honoring one of your need.

So when that happens:

1- Pause and breath

2- Ask yourself, what is it I need right now?

It might be that you are tired and need to rest.

It migth be that you feel disrespected and you need to be addressed with respect.

It might be that you are needing to feel and express some tears…

Whatever it is just identify it.

3- Now ask yourself, can I give myself what I need?

If what you need is to rest, can you rest now?

If what you need is to get out of feeling stuck, can you take an action now?

If it’s something you can do right now do it.

If it’s something you will only be able to do later schedule it.

4- Communicate your need

This is very important. Other people do not live in your body and your reality.

Once you respect yourself to give yourself what you need, others will too.

For example: “Iam knacked, I am going to lay down for 15 minutes.”

5- Ask for others support to get what you need

I love that part but most of us are pretty bad at asking for what we need.

I will create a whole new video to cover this point at a later date.

Now this is very helpful in your daily life, but it’s also great to start becoming aware of your more fundamental needs. We all have needs. And btw there are no right and wrong needs.

I have noticed in some spiritual circle that people judge certain needs as lesser than, as though if you are spiritual somehow you should not have a need for security, or acceptance or whatever….

From my experience if you try to deny one of your need it will come stronger whereas when you acknowledge it and fulfill it, it has a chance to be lived and may change in the future.

For example, years ago I needed to get away from France and my family. I needed to find myself and how I wanted to live. The way my family was living felt like a limitation to me. Did I judge myself? no… I wasn’t that spiritual at the time so I hadn’t yet gotten into judging all my actions as avoidance yet!!!

I just left and felt the amazing relief of it. I got to explore different countries, meet lots of new people… It felt like I was a whole new me everywhere I went. I loved it.

I think about a year ago I realised I was longing to be with my family again… did I judge myself…no… It actually came as a beautiful realisation in a breathwork session. It was really sweet.

After being in France now for 2 months, I realise I have a need to live closer to my family, to be part of their life.

One night after we had dinner together, looked at old photos and shared about amazing times we had together, I felt an anchoring within me I had never experienced before, like I knew where I was from…

I needed to leave to find out who I really was and I needed to come back to remember who I was at my core.

A beautiful process…. that could only happen when I allowed it.

Our needs often drive us in the right direction. Give yourself exactly what you need, stop waiting fo other to fulfill or give you what you need and watch yourself grow into the person you were born to be.

This is self love and self respect at its best!

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