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Self Love

Find your own medicine, find what brings you joy!

Todays’s video is all about finding your joy, finding what brings you back into the highest vibration of you.

You can start to create your own medicine list and see what works for what.

I know for me going for a walk in the forest always help me center myself, a surf helps to clear my mind, listening to inspirational audios remind me of why I am on this journey and inspire me to act even when doubt creeps in.

Nature, friends, being silly, connecting with animals, caring for others, being naked in nature, dancing are some of the things that bring me joy.

Joy is our natural state, when we are experiencing joy, we are connected.

Try to experience joy and separation at the same time… you can not.

Try to experience joy and fear at the same time…. again it’s impossible.

Try to experience joy and doubt….  you get the picture… Actually joy will bring a sense of courage and trust to your being.


We are all responsible for the vibration we are in. We need to stop blaming others or circumstances for the way we feel.

As you have probably heard before, you can not control what happens to you but you can control how you react to those things.

That’s why I have my “what brings me joy list”. There are so many things that are out of my control but when I feel affected, out of touch or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I know what I can do to shift me and come back to who I truly am.

It’s also just great to create more time in your life for this joyful moment. We are not here to work and be stressed all the time.

The more you create a space of joy within your life, the more joy will come to you, but as always it all starts by you.


What happens in a state of joy.

Something I have noticed about creating more time for centering myself back, taking some time out and doing something that brings me joy is that I seem to find solutions to things that have been stressing me out for a while or I get a really cool idea about my next blog or anything else that has been on my mind…. Sometime I feel stressed about time but as I actually stop and give myself what I need, the time seems to stretch and I can see clearly what need to be done next in the most efficient way.

During previous challenges, I even used to self pleasure every morning before I was sending the message out for the day because in that moment I was connected not only to myself but to everything and I knew exactly what I needed to do or share next.

This is the secret, it’s in our moments of joy, peace, pleasure that we are totally connected to our intuition, to everything and everyone that we are in the flow and everything is possible.


Wouldn’t it be a good idea to nurture this state within you on a day to day basis???


As Einstein said:

“We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”


So start today, cultivate a habit of experiencing more joy in your life.

Whenever you feel out of it, or a bit flat, reach for your joy list.

And start thinking right now how you could bring more joy into your life.

Maybe you want to take even just 15 minutes after work to go walk in a park.

You might want to put the music on while you do the dishes…..


Already just making a list of all the things that bring you joy will give you an idea of how much time you actually spend in this state right now and it might be a great eye opener to see where you have been putting your focus so far in your life.



Life is meant to be fun… but as always we are the one who create it this way or not.



Much Love




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