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Full Interview with Eyal Matsliah

Here is the Full Interview I had with Eyal Matsliah as part of the 21 day Self Pleasure Challenge.

I loved interviewing Eyal and having his perspective on  self pleasure, sexual healing and much more…

One thing that I really wanted for all the women in the challenge to hear was what it actually feels like for a man to be with a woman who is fully connected to her body, in love with herself, a woman who is not afraid to surrender to her pleasure and to a man sexually.

This is huge. I know a lot of women, and I used to be like that, try so hard to give our men pleasure and we are so busy trying we are not even fully in our bodies.

Hear this ladies, what turns them on the most is to HEAR you and SEE you experience pleasure…. This for a man is the ultimate. I think it gives them a sense of purpose…. They fucking love giving to us!!!!!

So by actually surrendering and receiving, that’s how you are giving to your man.

And I am talking a real man here not a boy who just wants to get it off and does not care about you, there is a huge distinction.

So ladies next time you feel uncomfortable in bed because you know you are reaching either your limit of intimacy or pleasure…. If it’s a man you trust, relax, let go and let him take you even further. It’s ok. Allow…. and see what’s on the other side….

Ok, now here are some of the other things we touched on:
Sexual healing sessions
How he sees women honouring and bridging the gap between their divinity and sexuality
How as women we can bring awareness to the men in our lives regarding this connection between divinity and sexuality
Hormonal imbalance, dry vagina, lose of libido
Pattern around women losing their libido
His number one recommendation to women who want to grow sexually?
His upcoming book, Orgasm Unleashed… a must read!

Hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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And if you want to learn more about Eyal, his offerings or just to check him out, go to:


Elise xo

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