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WTF I am meant to do with all this increased energy?

I am not sure if you have noticed but the energies have been going crazy recently, that’s why I decided to write this post to give you some guidance and tips on how to enjoy navigating this time.


Just around and after the full moon I had such an increase of energy in my body; lots of sexual energy, lots of orgasmic pleasure throughout my day and yes lots of desire.

Now for a couple of days I was like a cat in heat, I was so hungry for a man. I wanted a man to satiate this incredible hunger for sex and connection I was having.

It took me a couple of days to realise what was going on. The energy of the planet is increasing, the pulse of the planet is getting faster and we are experiencing the effects of it.

Whatever energy you have been holding will be magnified.

I have been cultivating my own connection and sexual energy for a while now and can experience extreme pleasure through my body but man, this was next level and the truth is I did not know what to do with it!!!

That happens to each and everyone of us, when we are experiencing increased level of joy, happiness, money, pleasure… you know what our subconscious does…. it just wants to get rid of it because it’s outside of the normal range of what we are used to.

So our work is to be present with the uncomfortable, recognised what’s going on, let go of the resistance so that we can allow ourselves to reach the next level of what’s possible for us.

Now do I always remember that??? Hell no.

Trust me for 2 days I was looking for that release outside of myself.

That’s where addiction comes from…. chasing the release.

The release however can be an inside job.

When I finally stop running after a man and trust me something was going on as all my plans fell through, seriously, it was as if all the men who had been chasing me just disappeared (thanks to some invisible force) so  that I could actually realise how uncomfortable I was with that intensity of orgasmic energy in my body.

You know what I find quite Ironic, we all seem to be striving for “more”, more pleasure, more friend, more peace, more connection, more joy, more peace of mind….but we are actually wired to resist it. It’s so funny!


Okay, so my post today is all about giving you some tips to, well, handle those situations as best as you can or in a more spiritual way “integrate those high vibration energies” into your body. Love it!!!

Now you don’t have to do all of them and there are definitely more ways to do it. Also what you read may sparkle some ideas for you. Always follows what feels good to you, what turns you on.

Alright, here it goes:


1- Practice letting go and surrendering

Okay, so there are lots of ways to practice letting go and surrendering. I am going to focus here on how to practice this in regards to opening to pleasure in your love making or self pleasure practice.

Signs that you are getting uncomfortable: you get into your head and start thinking about silly things like what you are going to have for dinner, in short you get distracted, your want to stop whatever you are doing or whatever your partner is doing, you have an urge to give to your partner instead of allowing yourself to fully receive, you start feeling negative emotions like anxiety or fear, your body tenses up, you stop breathing or some people just check out… they essentially leave their body in order to not feel.

Okay so what can you do when you identify any of this signs:

Well, first you go “how cool, I am exploring my edge here, I am conscious of that!” (Pat on the shoulder)

Then the first this you want to do is breath deeply in your belly.

Now if it’s really intense and you can’t stay present with it SLOW DOWN, give yourself some time to integrate the energy with your breath. For this one you might have to tell your partner to either stop for a moment or go very slowly doing the same thing that brought that energy up.

Another thing you can do is consciously relax any part of your body and open it to the sensations.

This might sound silly but I actually Pep Talk myself with phrases like, “It’s ok”, “I am safe”, “It’s safe for me to open”, “I deserve this level of pleasure”, “I trust him” ( this was actually really helpful for me at one point to really allow myself to open with a my man. Make sure you are not doing this with anyone and deluding yourself. Use this phrase if you really trust the man and you know it’s your own patterning you want to change).

Another way that I use which has been quite powerful in my practice is feeling/ visualising opening myself to the universe ( I am more kinesetic so it’s more a sense in my body that I get but for those who are more visual you can get an image of this). So basically I feel my whole body opening and welcoming the world, life entering me. I have done it in nature and it’s quite powerful and different whether it’s forest or ocean.


Now this is something that we explore a lot in the 21 Day Self Pleasure Challenge so if you feel you would like a practice that can really ground you in this, join the Challenge here:


2- Create empowering rituals

You can create all sorts of rituals to welcome a new energy in. Self Pleasure can be a ritual. I will share another couple in the other points too but it can be as simple as lighting a candle, meditating on opening to the new energies.

What I like to do is gratitude and “thank you”. Thanking Source, God, The Universe for the gift it is sending you. By being grateful, you stop resisting it.

Breath in your own self worth. Again you can say phrases like “I deserve this” “I am fully looked after”….


3- Make connecting with nature one of your priorities

Now I find this so powerful and so essential. In our fast pace word, we often forget to connect with what is giving us life itself. It’s not a coincidence that most native tribe have a deep connection with the rhythm of nature. It is the rhythm of life. And as Goddesses walking this earth, we need to connect with her often. The more we tune in with her the more we will be able to integrate her increase energy and pulsation.

It can be as simple as walking barefeet on the earth but if you really want some powerful practice, do this:


4- Receive the breath and pulse of the earth through your Yoni

Here is a little meditation you can do:

  • Walk slowly bare feet on the ground/ grass, best with eyes closed  or just slightly open so that you can connect with the sensations in your body. Feel your feet on the ground, the points of connection with the earth. Do a couple of deep belly breaths and take a moment to fully arrive in your body and in this moment
  • Sit with your Yoni well planted on the Earth (Pull your butt cheeks up and tilt your pelvis forward a bit until you are comfortably sitting with your Yoni on the earth. If you can not sit on the ground and need a chair that’s fine, just make sure you have your feet well planted on the earth and to the butt cheek and pelvis tilt too)
  • Breath all the way into your yoni and allow her to relax and open. Feel your connection with the earth. Feel her energy pulses through your yoni.
  • Then the invitation is to focus on each Chakra starting at the base. So with each breath, open and allow the energy and pulse of the earth to cleanse and fill this area of your body. Do this with each chakra all the way to your crown Chakra.
  • Then feel the energy of the earth pulsating throughout your entire body as if you were just one.
  • Connect your hand with the earth and thank Pacha Mamma for her gifts.
  • I like to finish with a little of shaking or dancing while standing. Singing can be lovely too.

I will be releasing an audio of this as a guided meditation soon, so if you are interested just send me an email @


5- Womb Hug with a sister

Yes, we need our sisters and there is nothing like connecting our wombs together. It is so soothing and integrating. Just hold your sister on her lower back, put your bellies together, close your eyes and breath fully into your bellies. Feel yourself relax and feel what’s being exchanged.

So powerful. We hold a lot of wisdom, power and energy in our womb space. Sharing this in a moment of conscious embrace feels so good.

If you do not have friends with whom you connect with in this way, I would recommend you seek a sister circle or women’s group in your area.


6- Pause and Rest

We can easily become anxy and hyperactive when the energies are increasing.

More often than not, we will just be running like a chicken without it’s head(is that a french expression???) and easily become overwhelmed, stressed and ending up crashing down or getting sick(the last resort from our body to force us to stop sometimes).

So before this arrives, whenever you become aware that you are becoming a headless chicken…. Pause.

Even for just 5 minutes. Stop everything, let go of your phone, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

If you can even have a nap or go outside and put your feet on the earth.

Taking 5 deep belly breath will bring you more into a more relax state.

My little trick is to become aware of the pleasurable sensations in my body, like the sun or breeze on my skin, feeling the sensations of clothes on my nipples, caressing my breast if I can or even just your cheek if you are at work… whatever pleasurable sensations you can access easily in your body, will help you to relax.


7- Practice with the Jade egg

Now, I will be going over how to use the Jade Egg for ultimate pleasure in an upcoming course but if you already have one, here is a little ritual you can do.

  • Do any warm up exercises you are used to
  • Lay down on your back with your legs open.
  • Rest the egg over your heart with your hand over it and a hand on your yoni.

Open your heart and breath love into the egg. You can feel or visualize love energy/ light going into it.

Breath into your yoni and feel your connection with her.

  • Create an intention

This could be for the egg to clear any energies that you do not want anymore, or be an anchoring point for you to integrate the increase energies that you are experiencing.

  • Connect your egg with the entrance of your yoni and allow for her to sip the egg in (I will explain this is the course, it quite important).
  • Then you can do any of the following:
  • Feel the egg inside you and imagine that this is where your power is being anchored in your body. That with this connection you are safe. Feel the energy going into the egg and then spreading throughout your body. You can keep the egg in and keep it as an anchor for the day until you feel ready for it to come out.
  • Feel the egg cleansing your body of unwanted energies. You can use your intention an imagination for that. When you feel complete, push the egg out and cleanse it in salt water.
  • Feel the love that you have sent into it spreading all over your body, wrapping you in a safe and loving embrace. Reminding you that it is safe to feel the way you feel. Take a moment to rest with that and push the egg out. Feeling this love still within you. Clean the egg.

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Hope you enjoyed this few tips.

Please feel free to share them with your sisters and if you have any questions, email me at

Much Love


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