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Self Pleasure

Want to start a new spiritual practice? I choose Self Pleasure. Here is why?

What drives you to find a Spiritual Practice?

Me, I wanted to Connect with everything, Connect with myself and Connect with God.

I have tried many different practices but I must admit I could never stick to any one for any length of time.

My most amazing experiences of Total Oneness actually happened in moments of Total Surrender in love making. I did love this practice!!!

I was able to increase my ability to open and surrender with my partner and it totally blew my mind.

At one point though, I was yearning to know that I had that capacity within myself as well as with another.

This is when I started considering Self Pleasure.

Of course one of my thought was that It would be way more fun than just sitting doing nothing! I kind of always had a bit of a rebellious thing with practices that were too dry!


As I explore deeper, here is why I loved using Self Pleasure as a spiritual practice:


  • It brings up all the stuff that other practices don’t always touch on( even just the thought of it does!!!)

What I did not know when I started, is that this practice was actually the Fastest Route to unravelling and coming face to face with a lot of Hidden Feelings and Emotions about one sense of self and relationship to one’s sexuality, the most common being fear or shame.

Just the thought of doing the Challenge brings up all this stuff for the ladies who sign up.

It’s like we go along thinking everything is fine and all of a sudden all this stuff that has been well hidden and ignored comes up, things that well the thought of doing Yoga doesn’t really bring up!!!!


  • You come face to face with yourself

It’s one of the most confronting experience when you have got stuff going on. There is Nowhere to go with it.

It’s just You and You. Plus you have to be in one of the most vulnerable position you can imagine, naked with your legs open and in contact with your body. This is how the practice is different, your focus is on the point of contact between your finger and your vaginal opening so you Have to be in your body.

You more naturally take deep breath into your belly as your focus is down there and I find that any kind of tension, tightness, emotion that is held in the body gets a chance to be experienced.

It can be awesome if you are feeling great and it can feel very uncomfortable when you are out of alignment. Once everything is felt though and you allow yourself to open… here is Oneness, here is Connection, here is Peace!


  • It heightens your capacity to feel pleasure and to feel life in general

Pleasure and Orgasm is available in every moment but most of us are too busy and so much in our heads that we don’t even know how to connect with it

The practice brings you back in your body, in the moment and you start to become aware of very Subtle Sensations that are happening at the point of contact between your finger and vaginal opening and of all the Subtle Energies that are moving through your body.

It helps to open yourself to experiencing more pleasure in a very gentle way. You become Fully Present with the sensations in your body which Awakens your pleasure potential and Body Sensitivity.

When we don’t feel much, we require a lot of time and gross sensations to experience pleasure.

I think that why so many women do not enjoy sex. One they haven’t tapped into the potential of their body and more often than not they are met by men who do not know how to do that either and who approach their pleasure the same way they do with their own… which unfortunately is way too fast for most women.

As your sensitivity increase so does your pleasure and all of a sudden what bring you pleasure in love making might just happens moment of rest when you feel the energy of your partner cock deep inside you.


  • It rewires deep programming in your body

Most of us women have been entered at some point in our life when we weren’t really ready.

When I teach the women in my coaching or programs that Yoni means “Sacred Temple” and that it is how it ought to be revered…. Lots of them cry…. They cry the tears of all the time they have abandoned themselves in order to get love from someone else.

They cry the tears of all the times they have connected with themselves with hurry, frustration, disgust or even hatred.

Most of them have never connected with this part of their body without a goal being placed on it, either from them or from someone else.

Now in the practice, there is no goal other than being present with yourself.

It can be very confronting at first, but after a while, the body relaxes and it’s as if this area of our body is allowed to just be. No expectations is put on her anymore, no expectations to feel anything, no expectation to experience anything, no expectation to be entered at some point….. and WOW that is so Healing.

As I practice I feel my nervous system just relax and something deep within me is Rewritten.


I hope this inspires you to explore what’s possible through a practice of Self Pleasuring.

If you need support you know you can always join The Self Pleasure Challenge.

Much Love,

Elise xo

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