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How I use my Yoni Egg for Increased Sensitivity and Pleasure

I just wanted to share with you how I like to use my Yoni Egg.

To me, the Yoni Egg is an incredible tool to not only increase the sensitivity at the entrance of your vagina but also to become aware of a more energetic sphere of experience within your Yoni.

What do I mean by that?

Well, to me whenever I self pleasure, use my egg or make love I am very aware of “Doors”, different depths of opening within my Yoni.

The Yoni egg is great to become aware of each one much more easier than with your finger.

Today I would like to share with you how to become over of the 1st door.

The first physical door is of course the entrance of your Yoni, I believe there are more energetic doors before that but for the sake of this conversation let’s just say that the first door is the entrance of your Yoni.

More often than not, we women, have been entered without our Yoni’s really being ready (and I am not blaming anyone here, I believe as a society we are not educated otherwise), so what happens is that our first door is more often than not being forced open by our partner but also by ourselves.

Most women rarely give themselves full permission to take the time they need in order for their Yoni to fully awaken before penetration.

What women don’t realise is that it is so incredibly pleasurable to open each door consciously and we can have much more of an active role in the penetrative act.

Yes, it’s not just about opening our legs and pushing or letting something in. We can actually invite our finger, toy or partner in, and when in…. deeper and deeper and deeper….

When exited enough, your Yoni will actually draw your finger, the egg or a penis inside itself.

Within your Yoni there are many other energetic doors, that when consciously open bring you great pleasure, an incredible feeling of surrender and of course deeper and stronger orgasm.

I discovered this almost 5 years ago. It’s been something that has fascinated me ever since and it has revolutionized the way I connect with my Yoni and make love.

It took practice and it’s actually what inspired me to create the 21 day Self Pleasure Challenge.

I really wanted to help women to connect with themselves in a different way and give them a space to explore what was actually possible when they slowed down and gave their Yoni enough time to fully awaken and open.

So what can you do to start exploring this possibility

The first step is a willingness to take the time to connect with your Yoni in a non goal orientated way, to be curious enough to open to what is actually happening, to the experience in the present moment.

I find the Yoni Egg one of the best tool to awaken your Yoni, your sensitivity, to become aware of the first energetic door and then as the Egg is inside to bring more awareness on the subsequent ones.

By the way, I am not sure how many doors there are. I have never counted. For me, it’s an experience within my body, where I feel a letting go, an opening, an invitation to come deeper… the last one that opened blew my heart right open. I believe there is no limit to how much we can open… I am not looking for a destination… I am just exited at the possibilities…

So what can you do with your egg to practice awakening your Vagina

(Btw you can purchase a Yoni egg in my Online Shop here).

So first make sure that you have boiled your Yoni Egg if it is the first time that you use it, I will make a video shortly about how to do this).

I usually put it under my back so that it comes to body temperature(otherwise the stone is quite cold) while I check in with myself.

By checking in I mean, I rest with one hand on my heart and one hand on my Yoni, with my middle finger right at the entrance of my vagina, and I breath. I breath all the way into my yoni and I bring my attention to the point of contact between the tip of my finger and my Yoni.

I breath deeply and give myself time to drop into my body. I use this as a kind of meditation to bring me into the present moment and give myself the time to feel what I may not had time to fully feel in my day. With each breath out, I relax deeper and deeper, not only my entire body but also and especially the muscle of my perineum and of my vagina.

When I feel fully present and the egg is warm, I put the egg at the entrance of my Yoni, the bigger part of it.

Again I bring my attention to the point of contact and breath into it.

With each breath out I really focus on relaxing, surrendering and opening to the egg.

My awareness is on the sensations at the entrance of my Yoni.

With time, I can start to feel more and more sensations, my yoni starts to throb (this may not happen for a while if you have been numb or used to intense sensations down there aka vibrator but give it time, it’s so worth it!).

I do not push the egg in but hold it firmly in place.

The more I relax and let go the more it goes in.

In France, we call orgasm “La petite mort”, the little death. The feeling of dying is basically facing your fear of letting go.

The Yoni Egg is an awesome tool to practice dying if I may say, practice letting go and surrendering. The more you can do it, the more you can allow in sensations, pleasure, love… (awesome practice for your overall life btw)

With time, your Yoni will become more and more alive and ultimately you will start to feel the pulling in, the drawing in, her desire to be penetrated.

Really getting to know my Yoni in this way has been a lot of fun, and it wasn’t an overnight thing or a one night stand should I say!

It took time for us to develop a relationship where I was actually respecting of her timing and she felt safe enough to show me her secrets.

As I say it’s a never ending exploration, and like with anything good, it gets better and better with time.

Happy Exploring!!!

With Love,


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