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The gifts that the Self Pleasure Challenge has brought into my life…. And what it could do for yours!


  • Increased Sensitivity Inside and around my vagina

The more I connected, the more I started to feel.

They don’t say “where attention goes, energy flows” for nothing.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of putting your attention somewhere to increase you awareness and feeling of it.

  • Increased pleasure

Of course the more time and attention I spent being with myself and my Yoni, the more I felt her, the more I was able to experience pleasure as I relaxed within the sensations of my body.

I never knew before the challenge that we can put a limit on our pleasure, that there is a certain level of pleasure that we are comfortable with and beyond that it becomes too much and we will somehow stop it.

Well through the challenge I was able to feel that place where pleasure became too much and I was able to relax and open to more…. and more…. and more….

  • Increased ability to experience deeper states of orgasm

Through the practice of self pleasuring and becoming more comfortable with increased pleasure in my body and nervous system, I was able to open to orgasms that were deeper and different from what I had experienced before.

Also as my ability to be with myself and my own pleasure increased, it became more and more easy for me to open with my partner on a much deeper level allowing me to experience cervical orgasms on a regular basis.

  • More opening and deepening with my partner

Before running the self pleasure challenges I still had some level of shame around my pleasure and I wouldn’t fully let go with my partner all the time. I often held back as I was uncomfortable being seen. As you can imagine, the fact that I became so much more comfortable with my own body, sexuality and expression really transformed my sexual relationship with my partner. I felt more free to just be myself and express whatever I was feeling in the moment. He loved it 🙂

  • Increase confidence, levels of wellbeing and happiness:

Of course after all of the above, you can understand how much better you would feel about yourself, how much better it would feel to be in your own body, and how different the world looks from this more open, soft and pleasurable view point.

Life really is pretty good from here 🙂



  • New self respect levels and what comes with that:

That was an incredible by-product of the challenge. What I didn’t realise when I started it, is that connecting in a loving and present way everyday would change me very deeply.

It was as if I created a self respect and self love bubble around me that made it very obvious when a different energy than that was coming at me.

I made it very evident for me at the time that my relationship wasn’t healthy for me, that I wasn’t loved and respected in the way that my body knew. It made it very easy to leave after almost 3 years of confusion.

  • Set my sexual standards

Because again I always come with love and presence when I connect with myself, my body won’t allow anything less anymore. I can just feel my whole being shutting down if the person is not fully here with me as we are about to move into a sexual connection.

It was kind of a weird moment the first time I experienced my body shutting down like this. I was like… here you go, my days of one night stands are over… well at least the shitty ones 😉 

  • Build up my boundaries around sex and love

This has really empowered me to be very clear with my boundaries. It’s so easy for me to say no now… even with my actual partner, even if I have said yes before…. even if I am so turned on I just want a hug in my vagina with a penis 🙂 If the energy isn’t right, it’s just not happening.

  • My Yoni and I have a relationship now

She and I are totally in communication everyday, she guides me and I feel her all the time. She is like my inner compass.

She opens, tingles and even throbs if she is happy or like the people I am around and she closes, contracts and feel absent when something isn’t right or I am around people who do not make me feel good.

The funniest thing happens when I have my period…( not sure if I am going to be oversharing here!!) but with certain people as soon as they hug me I feel myself bleed…. It’s like my whole system relaxes and I open…. and it works everytime… so sweet.



  • I got to meet women from all around the world, women who I am still in contact with. They are women that I have never met but with whom I feel a strong connection with. It’s funny how like attracts like, they are women who I can feel a resonance with and I know that in the future we will either meet, create together or both…. I love this feeling of having a worldwide tribe.
  • I actually got to meet women from Byron Bay, the area where I live now, who did the Self Pleasure Challenge. Two of them are some of my best friends now and they are a good reminder to me than what I am doing is not just about what I have to share… It’s about connection, love and supporting each other to grow. They are women I love and respect and who I am also learning so much from. We all have gifts to share with each other. No one is better, we all have our part to play and if we can support each other to shine… well how good is that.
  • I met Bonnie Bliss, my bestie, through offering an intro workshop on Self pleasure at one of her women events. We caught up when I came back from France last year and straight away we agreed so much on the approach that we had to sexuality, it was a match in even. I interviewed her in one of the Challenge and later came to her with the idea of the Yoniverse. Our first workshop was sold out in 48 hours… we knew then that we were onto something. From this idea we have built a beautiful partnership, deepened our friendship and have been offering SOLD OUT workshops all around Australia, offering the sex education that people say they wished they had received in high school. If you haven’t heard about them yet, I definitely invite you to check them out here and join our mailing list. We will let you know of next year dates as soon as they are released or if you are in a relationship, you might want to check out the Couples Retreat we will be running in January.


I wanted to share these unexpected gifts with you because yes the 21 day Self Pleasure Challenge is about  learning to connect with yourself with love and presence, exploring your body and opening to more pleasure…but what do you think naturally start to happen when you create an inner environment that is loving, patient, present and orgasmic….

Life is magical and many people say that you attract the vibration that you emanate….

I know that the Self Pleasure Challenge transforms your vibration at a very deep level, it changes the way you see the world and what you attract in your life.

Join me for the next Self Pleasure Challenge and find what gifts it has in store for you, all the information you need to know about it are here:


Photo by Aleira Moon

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