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The Secrets to Women’s Anatomy of Arousal

Did you know that every woman is actually physically capable of experiencing over 76 different kinds of orgasms?

Do you wish you had proper education about female sexuality, not just the dodgy stuff from school and random internet articles?

Would you like to understand the secrets of women’s anatomy and how to truly, deeply pleasure a woman?

Bonnie Bliss and Elise Savaresse, women’s sexuality coaches and Yoni specialists, have created this powerful, interactive and inspiring discovery workshop JUST for men, exploring the mysteries of women’s anatomy, sexuality and arousal…

This is not going to be another purely information-based workshop, you will actually witness different live demonstrations directly on a woman’s body. Yes, we are actually going there!! This is the intimate secret stuff we only usually teach women, but they demanded that we pass this on to men too so we’ve decided to bring it out of the women’s circles just for you!


Here is some of what we will be exploring during this whole day workshop:

  • Learning about the Yoni as it is seen in ancient traditions – from a Tantric and Taoist perspective.
  • Woman’s anatomy of arousal LIVE Demonstration: You will get the REAL anatomy lesson you wished you had been given at school! This is a huge experience for most women, and vital for men wishing to truly discover what is possible in pleasuring women. (Hint: it’s not all about the clitoris!)
  • Principles of arousal for a women: Understand exactly what you need to do in order to get your woman totally begging you to enter her.
  • Yoni Massage LIVE Demonstration: Yoni massage is the most profound healing tool for women for releasing sexual tension or blockages, release past traumas to embrace the present, reconnect to sexuality in a loving and conscious way and awaken deep, whole bodied orgasmic potential. A must have skill for ANY male lover!
  • Discussions and sharings. There will be plenty of time to ask the questions about women’s sexuality that you always wanted to ask but never had the opportunity to, in a supported space with Bonnie and Elise who have worked with over 2000 women collectively in sessions, retreats, courses and events around this exact theme.


All workshops in 2016 SOLD OUT so make sure to book early


Byron Bay: Saturday 25th of February

Brisbane: Saturday 11th of March

Melbourne: Saturday 8th of April

Byron Bay: Saturday 20th of May

More dates for Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Byron and even Perth will be up soon

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We want to keep this experience intimate and comfortable, so places are limited. Make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. 

Notes: Because of the number of workshops and retreats that we are running this year and the Administration load that it involves, we will not be offering refunds. However, if for any reasons you are unable to attend the workshop anymore, please feel free to post and sell your ticket on the Facebook event page. Our events always sell out, you won’t have an issue finding someone who will want it!



Brisbane, Sat 11th of March: 

Location: Vida Yoga Fitness Dance 474 Ipswich Rd, Annerley QLD 4103

Time: 9:45 am- 6:15 pm

Price: $220 + gst Early Bird, $275 + gst Full Price

Early Bird Price ends on the 19th of February


Melbourne, Saturday 8th of April:

Location: Second Story Studios, 222 Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Time: 9:45 am- 6:15 pm

Price: $220 + gst Early Bird, $275 + gst Full Price

Early Bird Price ends on the 27th of  March


We’re offering our Melbourne Tribe a chance to bring a friend to the Yoniverse for half price! 

So you can buy a double ticket at the total price of $330 + GST

This is a great time to spread the Yoniverse love with your friends – and have someone to share the day with!

(Please note there are separate workshops for men and women – so please send us an email @ after the booking letting us know if you’re booking for 2 women / 2 men / or 1 man and 1 woman.)


Byron Bay, Sat 20th of May: 

Location: Sat Nam Institute, 63 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby 2482

Time: 10:45 am- 7 pm

Price: $220 + gst Early Bird, $275 + gst Full Price

Early Bird Price ends on Sunday the 7th of May



Bonnie Bliss is a Tantric bodyworker, Certified Somatic Sexologist and Yoni Massage / Yoni Mapping specialist who has spent the last 4 years of her work life supporting women to access deeper states of bliss, expansion, connection and self-love through embracing their sexuality and specifically their Yonis. She has done over 500 private sessions for women in Yoni massage and has witnessed things during these sessions that she never knew were possible. She believes that unraveling this mystery is indeed the ultimate answer to the universe… and she’s REALLY looking forward to share this with you!

Bonnie and Elise


Elise Savaresse is a Conscious Sexuality and Embodiment Coach. She is the creatress of The Self Pleasure Revolution and is passionate about supporting women to let go of any feeling of fear, guilt and shame around their sexuality and to connect to the spiritual experience that love making offers. She supports women expanding their perspective and experience through her online programs, Yoni massage/ Goddess Devotion session, Private Coaching and Workshops. She can not wait to actually show you guys what this whole Yoni thing is all about!



“I was stunned that I was so privileged to witness something so beautiful. The experience was truly uplifting and I was blissed out. It doesn’t get any better than this… If you want to learn all about the mysteries of the Yoni, do the workshop. Don’t kid yourself, no matter how much you THINK you already know .. you are only a beginner. There is SO so much more….” 

“So much in my life makes sense in a different way now and from the centre of my heart I offer you my boundless gratitude and love and deepest respect and devotion for your sharing your incredible selves, your beautiful yonis and the wisdom and mysteries they hold. I can not think of a greater gift to receive.” Ro

” I leave with a greater sense of connection to myself, the divine feminine and my partner. I feel empowered to enact positive change in my life. I let go of some serious dogma and feel relieved and enlightened. All you need to do is bring a positive intention and leave your pre-conceived ideas at the door and just do it! A fantastic day of practical, spiritual, sexual and sensual knowledge, learning and empowerment. If you are a man, you must do this, you must come to this workshop! Bonnie and Elise are truly amazing at what they do.” Gordon

“Thank you so much for providing this ancient knowledge to every day people who want to relearn and rekindling the sacred fire heart. Feeling so blessed my partner was able to learn from both of you and to teach me things I didn’t even know about my own yonie-verse.” Sylvia

“I felt like a profound, delicate and powerful realm had been revealed to me. I was actually in awe. I felt very honoured and blessed. Do this, you will not regret going. You may even see the key to one of life’s great mysteries.”

“My wife noticed a huge difference in my ‘presence’ and love as well as some of the other tools you have so generously shared. Life’s good. Thank you.” Julian

“All men need to do this. For themselves to activate their complete self. And as it has added for me instantly a massive shift in connection with my partner. Thanks.”

“It was a truly amazing experience, I felt grateful to you, beautiful women, for sharing something so magical with myself and the other men. I was excited by the end of the workshop as you have shown me what was lacking within my relationship with previous women and my current partner. I would highly recommend that all men do it, it opens up a deeper understand of the feminine energy and masculine energy. Showing a deeper connection that must be explored.”

“It is of vital importance to learn what has been lost for our future generations.” Nick

“Profound! I felt sad for all the pain between men and women, and also empowered with knowledge and tools to inspire and create healing and healthy relationships with woman in the future. Deep respect and reverence for the yoni and full of love. Don’t think about it, just do it. Invest in yourself and do this. The rewards will overflow into all parts of your life.”

“Absolutely essential for any men to have this experience and to share it with other men in a group situation. Such a great energy throughout the whole experience that fills me with gratitude and excitement.  I learned so much from today and know it will help me on my journey to be the ultimate man, partner and lover. Thank you.” Liam

“I am leaving feeling calm, relaxed, vulnerable and excited, and I am taking away a greater appreciation for the power of the feminine. DO IT. You will learn heaps and feel great!.”

“This is for every man. Learn how the feminine is powerful, generous and different! Loved every minute.”

“This workshop has altered my view of and expanded my respect and appreciation for women and has inspired a vision for the evolution of our relating to one another. Thank you.” Cameron

” This is incredibly powerful work. Men are yearning and starving to know this stuff. I really enjoyed how deep and open the energy was in the room, such a sense of honour and sacredness. Now, throw out everything you think you know about intimacy and sex and do this workshop!”

“Part of me knew that I had experienced something very unique, but another part of me thought that this sort of understanding SHOULD be mainstream.”

“I can not articulate how much your incredible embodiment and presences, each unique and amazing, helped me back to wholeness. This is a kind of intimacy that I think everyone craves at the deepest level, to truly see and be truly seen. Using these techniques and ideas and your own presence and love you can help the woman in your life be vulnerable and open in the most intimate and beautiful way I can imagine. All kinds of men were at the event I attended, the thing they had in common was love and respect and admiration for women – that’s all you need to start this process.”