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Join me for a 3 months Embodiment & Sacred Sisterhood Journey



A Journey into the Secrets of your Feminine Essence

Over the past couple of years, I have worked with 100’s of Women around Self Love and their Connection to their Feminity, Sensuality and Pleasure. You know what I noticed makes the biggest difference?

  • Consistent Embodied Practices
  • A Sacred Container of Sisters


Do you have a daily practice that gets you connected with your Feminine Essence,

Brings your Body to Life,

Makes you feel Grounded and Alive,

Opens your Heart,

Gets you to tap into Your Power as a Woman,

And supports you to Know Where You Stand in the world?


Do you have a Circle of Women with whom you can share openly,

Who Support You without ever treating you as a victim,

Who Celebrate You,

Who Accept You exactly how you are,

Who can Be Present with your Joy as well as your Sadness,

Who you can share Sacred Feminine Practices with,

Who Empower You to your greatest potential?

You see, I have been to a lot of workshops, done a lot of programs and read all the books but what I learnt from all of my experiences is that unless you create changes in your day to day life, until your new knowledge/ habit becomes your new way of being, changes don’t usually stick.

We tend to revert back to our old habits pretty quickly. That’s how our brain is wired!

So in this program, the main focus will be on creating daily rituals that will transform you and support you to FULLY EMBODY the Divine Feminine and your INFINITE POTENTIAL as a woman.

Yes it’s going to be juicy and powerful.


You have probably heard:

Be the Change You Want to See in the World?

Now how do YOU feel about being a woman and Sacred Sisterhood?

Are you even proud of being a Woman or have you bought into some of the messages on main stream media that say there is something wrong with you?

Have you ever felt shame around your emotions, your blood, your cycle, your sensitivity, your feelings that don’t make sense to the logical mind but that feel so right in your heart, your breast, your smell, your curves, your sensuality, your desires, your voice, your fire…?

Do you wish for the Feminine Qualities and Gifts to be more respected and embraced in the World?

If so,

Embody them. Own them. Know them. Be them. Live them

There is no other way!!!

This is what motivates me to offer this Journey,11141250_845780322158428_8686510151957865692_n2

I want you to remember what makes you a Woman,

To reclaim what makes you a Woman,

To learn to honour and respect what makes you a Woman,

So that together we bring the Gifts of Women back into the world.

Not with Our Words,

But with Our Beingness… Our Presence,

Our Ease and Respect in the Expression of our Feminity

If any part of you has ever felt like you wanted to really Connect and fully Embody your Authentic Feminity and operate from that place in the world,

Learn to Connect & Trust your Intuition, your Heart & Womb Wisdom

Be your most Juicy, Confident Self , Manifest with Ease,

Feel an incredible Respect and Honour for Yourself

Your Body,

and Everything that makes you a Woman,

If you have ever wanted to feel True Sisterhood,

and the Power of Women Empowering Women

I want to take you on this Embodiment Journey with me.

Here is how it will work

Each week, I will introduce an Ancient Feminine Practice that we will get to play with over the week.

It will be powerful as we will set our intention each week to explore and connect with a specific practice.

Each one will build on the previous one and slowly over the 3 months that we will spend together, you will get a chance to see your life and the life of other women transform as we create a new reality together, one that is more respectful and honouring of our Feminine Essence.

We will use a video live call system which will enable us to connect and see each other, do the practices together and share our experiences with each other.

We will have a Secret Group to keep connecting and sharing over the week, where I will be able to coach and support you if anything arises.

Sacred Sisterhood is an essential piece in the journey of the Divine Feminine.

What we will cover

Each week you will get Powerful and Ancient Feminine Practices and Rituals to empower you to:

  • Connect with your True and Unique Feminine Essence
  • Increase Self Love and Self Respect 
  • Come back into Your Power as a Woman
  • Claim your Voice and place in the world
  • Release Tension and Blocked Emotions
  • Move from Sexual Innocence to Sexual Maturity and Sovereignty
  • Feel Grounded and Safe in your Feminity
  • Open your Body to experience More Bliss and Pleasure as a way of being
  • Trust Yourself, your Intuition and the Wisdom of your Body
  • Learn to Communicate your Needs in a healthy empowered and empowering way
  • Let go of the Need to be Saved and step into your Creative Power
  • Become more Confident and Alive
  • Live with an Open Heart
  • Trust the Flow of Life and the Flow of the Feminine
  • Feel the Power of Sisterhood


Now if you are excited like I am and you feel a big YES in your Heart, Body and Soul,

Join me today for only US$399

Payment plan available

Registration closes on the 8th of January

I am sooo In

 Let’s awaken the Magic of You!


My hope is that this journey will awaken the Power that is within you as a woman.

The power that is within us as Sisters

So that we can truly positively impact and transform the World



And to inspire you to feel this power that is in you,

I could not think of a better person than Marianne Williamson,

She is such an inspiration to me.

Hope to be Journeying with You Soon

So much Love

Elise xo

P.S: No sisters should be left behind so if you really feel called to do this journey,

you can contact me at

and we can discuss payment plan options.