Join the next Self pleasure Challenge and learn what true self love means

When can I Start?


When you sign up you will receive an email that will help you with the practicals and what you will need for the Challenge.

The next day, you will receive day 1 and an email every day after that for 21 days.

So you can sign up and when you are ready start with Day 1 email and read an email a day after that.


Do I have to practice Every Day?

This is the invitation yes, to commit to connecting with yourself at least once a day for 21 days as this is what will rewire your neural pathway in your brain.


How long do I need to set aside for the practice every day?

At least 30 minutes a day

The Connection Practice is pretty simple and last about 15 minutes.

And then you will have some time to explore what else is offered in the emails

Now I do recommend you set aside an hour each week just to have more time to give to yourself and to explore some of the things I will share with you.


How is the Content being delivered?

The content will be delivered via emails.

On some of the days, you will also receive Audio and Video links that take you to a private website where all the content is being stored.


What if I cannot Download a video or audio?

Not a problem. Send us a message at and we will look into it for you


I am pretty bad with Technology, will this be a problem?

If you can read your emails and click on a link that’s really all you will need to do as far as technology goes. We have made it very simple and easy for you to use.


I am in a Relationship, should I tell my partner?

You are doing this for you; this is the first thing to get clear here.

Now I do recommend you have a chat with your partner so that he feels included instead of threatened by it.

Tell him what you have decided and that you would love his support and what that would mean for you.

The reality is that this experience is going to benefit both of you and your relationship. The more you are able to connect with yourself, the more you are able to connect and feel with another.