Join the next Self pleasure Challenge and learn what true self love means

21 days of Exploration, Healing and Pleasure

Why on earth would I want to take part in a self pleasure challenge some of you may think?

I know I get you…

It’s not something most people talk about over dinner, it is hardly spoken about at all!

It’s a subject that can hold a lot of charge and it’s a practice that most people want to keep private.

I totally get it!

Now what I want you to know is that this challenge is more about learning to connect with yourself than it is about techniques.

It’s a practice.

A practice in loving yourself no matter what

A practice in connecting with yourself before you connect with the world

A practice in filling your own cup first so that when you do go out into the world, you are overflowing

A practice that gets you connected with everything

A practice where you have to drop everything and be present with what is

Really, it’s just like meditation!!


Now one thing I know is that if you have read up until this point,

there is a part of you that is craving for MORE.

Now, be honest with yourself…

Does this sound anything like you?

Do you often Judge Yourself and feel like you are Never Enough?

Do you feel Numb or Unorgasmic and have Given Up on enjoying sexuality and experiencing pleasure or orgasm?

Do you feel Disconnected from your body, your sensations and your feminine essence?

Do you feel Shame about your own desires and your sexual expression?

Do you feel Shame about expressing your pleasure?

Did you have Bad previous sexual experiences that have left you Feeling Unsafe to explore your sexuality?


If you kept reading it’s because there is still hope in you, and rightfully so…

Anything is possible.

You probably just never got shown how to….

Now imagine…


How would it be to feel Respect & Love for yourself and to know that YOU are Enough, not because of outside validation but from a Knowing Deep within You?

How would it be to feel like Coming Home,  to yourself?

How would it be to finally FEEL and Experience Pleasure?

How would it be to Feel Safe in your body and Safe to express yourself Sexually?

How would it be to have a Spiritual Practice that would rocket fuel your Healing and Connection to yourself and the divine?

How would it be to Explore all this with other women?

Do you realise that You are not Alone?

How would it be to feel the Support of other Women, to connect with other Sisters


“This is the Rite of Passage, the Missing Piece of learning we must have as young girls Stepping into Womenhood.

How to connect to our Womb Voice,

our Pussy Power,

our Yoniverse!!!”

Carol Cooper, United States

The 21 day Self Pleasure Challenge

What is it about?


It’s about learning to connect with yourself with love and presence.


It’s about exploring new ways to be with yourself, exploring the subtle sensations of your body.


It’s about healing our vision of ourselves as women, and healing our relationship with our body.


It’s about awakening your pleasure potential, body awareness, and your feminine essence.


It’s about integrating a new practice into your lives, one that will support you to feel more connected and alive.


It’s about women supporting women. You will be part of a private facebook group to connect to other sisters on the same path.

Now WHY 21 Days???

So let me explain….

It all happens in the Brain.

The way we act is 96% governed by our Unconscious and by Neural Pathways in our brain that we have either developed from repeated actions or from defining moments in our life.

Now depending on your Environment growing up and your Personal History, you will have developed certain pathways regarding sexuality, pleasure and self love.

Basically right now you are Conditionned by what happened to you in the past and most of the time you are not choosing your experience, but rather Reacting Unconsciously.

Thats the very short and simplified version of it.

Now it’s not the end of the world!!!

It’s been scientifically proven that we can Create New Pathways in our brain and Old Ones can actually Disappear if they are not used anymore.

And it takes 21 Days of Repetitive Actions to create a new neural pathway and to start operating unconsciously from this new habit.

Hence why the challenge is for 21 days.

For 21 days, you Commit to connecting with yourself with Love, Respect and Curiosity and that has the power to change everything about the way you feel about yourself and your sexuality.


“It’s ok to touch my own body.”

“It’s ok to give myself pleasure.”

“I am safe to do so.”


“Truly, Elise Savaresse you have bought through an Amazing Gift for Humanity!!

After I trained in Tantra last year… That’s just nothing compared to what you are teaching!! What you are Teaching feels like it’s Where it all Begins

It is crawling, tasting and smelling before we learn to walk!!

I’m glad to go back to the Roots of Self Awareness through this experience !!!”

Lisa Naylor, Australia


What Do YOU Get?

A Welcome Email

As soon as you purchase the challenge, you will receive an email from me with some tips for you to get ready for your journey.

The Connection Practice

I teach a practice that is nurturing, healing and that gets you to truly connect with yourself with love and presence.

What’s possible through this practice is a feeling of truly coming home to yourself, of creating a space of safety and total acceptance of all of who you are and what you are feeling.

You will get a demo video(clothed) and an audio to guide you as you connect with yourself.

Daily Emails to Support & Inspire

I will guide you daily to explore your body, your mind, your emotions and your pleasure via written messages, audios and videos.

The daily emails will also support you to stay focussed and committed to the practice and to your own exploration.

It will be like having me right there in your inbox every day. Watch out for some surprises!!

Tantric Practices to Awaken your Body and your Pleasure

The Pillars of Pleasure

Learn to become aware of the subtle Sensations in your body

Circulate Sexual Energy

Activate every Cells of your Body

Guided  Meditations 

To connect with Yourself Daily

To Let go of self judgement

To Connect with your feminine essence

Accept whatever is present

Activate the life force energy in your body

Introduction to Your Pleasure Anatomy

Get the information you wish you had been given at puberty.

There is so much more than you think, much more potential for pleasure than you probably know.

Knowledge is power and can open doors of possibilities for you

Pleasure Inspiration List

Some inspiration to take your pleasure further beyond the Challenge

An Amazing Community

You will be invited to a private facebook group where women have already been sharing their own experience of the challenge.

This is a very Sacred and Safe space for you to share, ask questions and get inspired. 

Plus we have lots of Fun!!!

You will get to experience what sisterhood and feminine support really feels like

Bonus: Guest Speakers

These are bonuses that I decided to add to the challenge.

I believe in cocreation and in the power of sharing our knowledge and skills.

There are many amazing people in this world with great gifts to share.

I will introduce you to people whom I have encountered on my journey, people who have inspired me.

They will share with you their knowledge and expertise as well as practices to support and enhance your journey.

More Testimonials

Rhia-love“I have loved the Increased Understanding that connecting with myself helps me to Connect with Everything!

The fact that it has been So far Above + Beyond Masturbation has been a huge awakening for me! “
Rhia Love, Australia

“I’m quite sure the New Connection I have with my Yoni is Helping me to Ground and Relax. “

Juliette, France



“I Cried Grief for the relationship I have had with my yoni. Since I was 5 I have been Looking to Males to Complete Me, to make me okay, denying my inherent worth and it has gone on till this day.

Though there were tears of grief there was also Comfort in that I really am making the Beginning of a very Different Connection. I began to feel Filled up by My Own Nurturing Attention

Diana Baldry, Australia


My Husband is always telling me How Sexy and Beautiful I am.

I could never agree as I didn’t feel it. But I can feel it now.

It’s not just skin deep. I Got in Touch with the Beauty in Myself.”

Annette, Australia




“This Challenge has Danced Me and Swung Me and Caressed Me… It has Dissolved some of those Shame Layers that I didn’t realise were still there.” 

Melissa Boord, Costa Rica





Mouette“I felt Butterflies like the Excitement of a First Date

This is the First Time I’ve ever Taken the Time to Listen to my Yoni, her Wants and Desires

I am Excited to get to Know Her… “

Mouette, Canada





Carol“For years I have been Looking on the Outside of myself to feel love,

to Be Wanted and Nurtured by someone else, to feel cared for by another,

when all along What I have Wanted was the Love of Myself.”

Carol Cooper, United States


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We will address exactly what’s going on with you, 

what your blocks are to you experiencing deeper connection with yourself,

your yoni and pleasure in general.

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