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Awakening your Pleasure Potential

Do you sometimes feel a bit disconnected from your body and your sexuality? Do you get the feeling that you haven’t fully explored your own pleasure potential, or accessed the true power of your feminine energy?

Did you know that every woman is actually physically capable of experiencing over 76 different kinds of orgasms?

Do you wish you had proper education about your vagina and sexuality, not just the dodgy stuff from school and random internet articles?


‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals, meaning ‘sacred space’ or ‘temple’. In ancient traditions, our yonis were honoured and worshipped for their life-giving abilities, however in our culture today we have lost this sense of honour and reverence for this amazing part of our bodies.


Bonnie Bliss and Elise Savaresse, women’s sexuality coaches and Yoni specialists, have created this powerful, interactive and inspiring discovery workshop JUST for women, exploring the mysteries of our anatomy, sexuality and arousal…

This is not going to be another purely information-based workshop, this will be a deeply embodied day of practice, experience and learning, leaving us feeling more connected to our bodies and sexuality, inspired to explore our Yonis and empowered to be radiant women!



  • Learning about the Yoni as it is seen in ancient traditions – from a Tantric and Taoist perspective.
  • Embodiment practices to awaken your feminine sexual energy
  • Woman’s anatomy of arousal LIVE Demonstration: You will get the REAL anatomy lesson you wished you had been given at school! This is a huge experience for most women wishing to truly discover the infinite pleasure potential of their bodies (Hint: it’s not all about the clitoris!)
  • Yoni Massage LIVE Demonstration: Learn how to give yourself a Yoni massage for healing, awakening and pleasure – this is a profound and powerful tool that can greatly enhance your ability to have deep internal orgasms!
  • Receiving lots of information, tools and practices you can use in your daily life to connect deeper with your body, your Yoni and your unique feminine expression.
  • *Discussions and sharings – There will be plenty of time to ask questions about women’s sexuality / Yonis / orgasms that you always wanted to ask but never had the opportunity to, in a supported space with Bonnie and Elise who have worked with over 2000 women collectively in sessions, retreats, courses and events around this exact theme.
  • Plus some other surprises!


All workshops in 2016 SOLD OUT so make sure to book early


Byron Bay: Sunday 26th of February

Brisbane: Sunday 12th of March

Melbourne: Sunday 9th of April

Byron Bay: Sunday 21st of May

More dates for Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Byron and even Perth will be up soon

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There are limited places and our workshops always sell out, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

Notes: Because of the number of workshops and retreats that we are running this year and the Administration load that it involves, we will not be offering refunds. However, if for any reasons you are unable to attend the workshop anymore, please feel free to post and sell your ticket on the Facebook event page. Our events always sell out, you won’t have an issue finding someone who will want it!



Brisbane, Sun 12th of March: 

Location: Vida Yoga Fitness Dance 474 Ipswich Rd, Annerley QLD 4103

Time: 9:45 am- 6:15 pm

Price: $220 + gst Early Bird, $275 + gst Full Price

Early Bird Price ends on the 19th of February


Melbourne, Sunday 9th of April:

Location: Second Story Studios, 222 Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Time: 9:45 am- 6:15 pm

Price: $220 + gst Early Bird, $275 + gst Full Price

Early Bird Price ends on the 27th of  March


Byron Bay, Sun 21st of May: 

Location: Sat Nam Institute, Mullumbimby

Time: 9:45 am- 6:15 pm

Price: $195 + gst Early Bird, $250 + gst Full Price

Early Bird Price ends on the 8th of May




Bonnie Bliss is a Tantric bodyworker, Certified Somatic Sexologist and Yoni Massage / Yoni Mapping specialist who has spent the last 4 years of her work life supporting women to access deeper states of bliss, expansion, connection and self-love through embracing their sexuality and specifically their Yonis. She has done over 500 private sessions for women in Yoni massage and has witnessed things during these sessions that she never knew were possible. She believes that unraveling this mystery of the Yoniverse is indeed the ultimate answer to the universe… and she’s REALLY looking forward to share this with you!

Bonnie and Elise

Elise Savaresse is a Conscious Sexuality and Embodiment Coach. She is the creatress of The Self Pleasure Revolution and is passionate about supporting women to let go of any feeling of fear, guilt and shame around their sexuality and to connect to the spiritual experience that love making offers. She supports women to expand their perspective and experience through her online programs, Yoni massage/ Goddess Devotion session, Private Coaching and Workshops.

We look forward to take you on a guided tour into the Yoniverse! 😉


“Just a little shout out to Bonnie Bliss and Elise Savaresse for setting the record straight with their fountain of knowledge and years of training in sexology. There are so many people giving false information without the qualifications and years of practice so please be careful who you seek information from when it comes to your Yoni and don’t waste time just see the best first time. These two magnificent woman are changing the way we see sex, pleasure and most importantly connection to self. I can not express how much love and gratitude I have for you two. 💫💕💥 “ Brooke Skinner

“Thank you all so much for such an heart opening experience on sunday i feel alive and full to the brim, i had an amazing experience on sunday night sharing with my partner who also attended the mens workshop on the Saturday, he gave me a yoni massage and for the first time i had a full body orgasm that carried on through the next day. I feel for the first time the love connection with my yoni to my heart. I thank you both deeply for showing me these potent tools and way of being.” Amy

” Unless we become aware of our anatomy through safe and loving practice, we can not experience true connection with Self. The Yoniverse Should be school curriculum for building teens to learn to honour their bodies. <3 ” Jodie J.

“This is a must experience for all women, of all ages – to connect with your body, sexuality, femininity, to go deeper and learn what is possible to experience in your sensual, sacred self. I feel so inspired!” Lorien W.

“For women and the greater good… DO IT! You will leave feeling Yoniversally awakened! Give yourself this opportunity to deepen your understanding and connection with your sexual energy. Powerful, gorgeous workshop, so nourishing. LOVED IT and highly recommend it. “Ingrid

“DO IT! I came with an open mind and had no idea what to expect. It was a beautiful day but even deeper, on leaving I feel completely nourished as a woman. So perfect, whole and complete, in a totally grounded way, honouring way. I feel the Divine in me. ” 

“After years of personal development work, I am staggerred to realise how little work I have done around healing my sexual shame and guilt. Profound work!” Lisa

“I thoroughly recommend this day to any woman, wherever you believe you are in your Journey. Elise and Bonnie hold a tight and loving space to allow everyone to feel safe to be their true vulnerable selves. Invest in your beautiful self.”