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I believe Every Women should experience Respectful, Honouring Intimate Connection.

When a woman is fully honoured and held in full presence, she naturally opens, her defenses drop and she can experience her natural state as a woman: Blissful, Heart Opened and Every Cell of her body Alive with Delight.

My desire is to offer a space for you to come and Experience this level of Presence, Devotion, Love and Respect…. Not just as an idea but deep within your cells. Our stories are held in our bodies as stress and contractions and it’s through the body that we can start to Rewire our System, Rewrite our Story and Transform our Lives.


This Session last 2,5 to 3 hours and includes a deep conversation about where you are right now sexually, followed by Sensual Massage  including Breast and Healing Yoni Massage


This Session is an opportunity for you to:

Drop into your Feminine Essence, let go of your mind and connect with your Body Wisdom

Relax and experience what it feels like to just Receive. This is huge for most women as we are such natural givers. In this space there is nothing to do, and nowhere to go. It’s all about you opening yourself more and more to yourself, your experience and your pleasure.

Connect to your Sensual Pleasure. This will allow you to experience more pleasure in your day to day life as well as in your love making

Start the process of Rewiring your Body and Mind to allowing more pleasure, respectful touch and connection into your life

Awaken the Goddess in you and have an experience of what it feels like in your body

Release tension and Energy Blocks, allowing the flow of Shakti Energy to flow freely

Practice Surrendering, let go and ALLOW

Open to higher state of consciousness, connect with your Intuition, Heart and Womb wisdom

Start to See and Treat your Yoni as the Sacred Temple that it is.


Sessions are AUD395.

Package of 3 sessions AUD1100 which includes Internal Yoni Massage and Healing

I highly recommend the package as it gives us an opportunity to go deeper together and to explore issues that may not arise in a single session.

To book a session please look at my calendar below. I usually get booked out months in advance so make sure to book early if you do want us to work together.

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“Dearest sister , I want to share my experience of a session with Elise because it was really beyond anything I had imagined ..
For a while now I have been feeling the deep transformation of my sexual energies .. I have been feeling my habitual orgasm dropping away as a deeper longing has called me into an authentic experience of my essence .. It’s taken a while as I’ve peeled back the layers of myself . My old orgasm was one of escape , of pleasure with no presence , yet within me the real woman was calling to be know … After the 21 days self pleasure challenge and many deep shifts I decided to spoil myself with a sensual massage ..
As I laid back and received I was totally open to letting myself be new , no reaching for , no pushing , no performing but pure open receiving . Elise held such a beautiful presence for me that I felt Honoured , seen , safe and free .. I allowed and surrender to the waves that rolled thru me , pleasure , tears, old memories , they all rose and fell as I received such a caring nurturing touch , that whispered to me . It’s ok , it’s time to really let go .. As my breath increased I felt every cell open , my yoni became a beautiful flower and she called me inside , I felt her love and fullness so deep in my Heart . I felt the birth of time in me , I felt the earth , the trees , the rivers . The whole universe opened within me and I felt such a totally expansion and fullness as I connected with the cosmos .. I experienced in that moment the gift of our orgasm , I saw how it is given to us as a gateway to the Divine .. Every cell was alive , every sound was the universe rolling thru me , I felt absolute surrender to Oneness and as I floated back to earth I knew my orgasm would never be the same , infact I knew I would never be the same .. I experienced the gift of being woman on this planet and I am so grateful and feel so blessed ..
I completely encourage any woman to give yourself the gift of such an experience ,, to feel your self being Honoured and Seen and Loved in this space .. I thank you Elise for holding such a loving and divine space , and am so grateful you walk the earth doing this work .. Now is such a potent time for us to adore this path of woman and I celebrate you all on you journey. Thank you 🙏Claire

“Recently I experienced a very transforming and deep session with Elise which I found was liberating on so many levels. She was able to guide and encourage me throuh the process with respect and love while allowing me to be myself without pressure or expectation.
I am grateful for the experience and I wish that this kind of support had been available to me earlier in my life when I first became sexually active. It would have saved a lot of negative experiences!
It is time for women to be able to experience the depths that their body is capable of, without shame or inhibitions.  We need to be able to safely connect to our sacred feminine and explore ourselves with confidence.  In this way we will encourage other women to do the same, and also give men confidence in their own sexuality by teaching and guiding them to what we need and able to say no when it is not right for us. Enjoy your journey! ” Sue

“Elise holds a beautiful space during her session very respectful. I’m still surprised at how she can tune how I feel and she knows if I am not ready better than I do. This has helped me to hold my space more strongly but also to tune into my strength and my inner power.” Rose

“Today I met my yoni in it’s most sweet pure and innocent essence. It felt like meeting a new part of me and my womanly experience. I have never experienced this sensation before.

Working with Elise felt very natural but also I felt honoured, respected and safe at all times. Being touched the way she did touch me was a new and much treasured experience for me. Thanks you again, beautiful Elise, for this amazing session” Karin