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Imagine your very own tropical paradise

Close your eyes…. Breathe….

Can you feel the warm air on your skin?

Can you hear the birds singing…?

Let the lush rainforest  envelope your senses

There is nothing to do, nowhere to go.

There is just you, and your partner

And THIS moment

Leaving the pressures of your daily life behind,
You are both just fully here,

Feeling totally connected, awakened and alive


DSC_2463_Gymea_Retreat_Couple_Share_King_Bed_LR_1000pixels_72dpi       123_0850-pool-LR1

The beautiful Gymea Eco Retreat Centre at the base of Mount Warning in the Byron Bay hinterland will be our home while we delve into a journey of delicious intimacy, heart opening and sensual exploration.

After offering sold out Yoniverse workshops to hundreds of people all over Australia, we are excited to be bringing ten couples to a secluded retreat for four days of powerful practices that will breathe bliss, connection and new life into your relationship.

We’d love you to join us!

And here’s a little taste of what will happen…

You will have a chance to slow down, deeeeeeply relax and let go of all stress and tension.

You will be guided through experiences and rituals to explore deeper intimacy together – and you’ll receive lots of practices and tools to take home and bring into your relationship.

The whole retreat will be experienced-based.  There will not be too much boring theory or long talking processes. You will actually be doing the practices so you have an embodied experience and create new pathways for intimacy and relating sexually.

You’ll touch each other – a lot! We’ll share the sacred photo-1468430780671-24ceef3b824dart of conscious touch through Tantric massage and other touch exploration.

You will awaken the ecstatic potential of your body and your sexuality.

You will have the opportunity to discover your partner in a whole new way

You will experience what true receiving feels like – we often don’t know how to fully just receive!

A whole day will be dedicated to the woman receiving… Yes ladies, you will be melting!

And a whole day will be dedicated to the men receiving…. Be prepared to experience your body in a whole new way!

You will understand the power of connecting your heart and sexuality.

You will go home feeling more alive, juiced up and connected than ever, alive and ready to take on the world!

“Elise & Bonnie hold a very sacred, precious container that is at once playful, deep and enlightening.”


a4dc566bce9414124c135bf619e6e819Tantric Massage will be a large component of the retreat – there will be demonstrations, practices and rituals incorporating this beautiful style of intimate bodywork.  Our intention is to provide a space for you to fully embody this practice so you can bring it into your intimate life together.


Tantric Massage between lovers is one of the most powerful practices we know of – a bodywork modality that encompasses conscious touch, energetic activation, polarity play, moving sexual energy through the body, awakening the heart and fully seeing and honouring your partner. Yummmm!


After receiving a Tantric massage, people often say that they feel sensations they’ve never felt before, and they experienced their sexuality in a whole new way. Receiving this type of bodywork is like floating on a cloud – feeling tingles all over your body, all stress, tension and contraction dissolve and you can drop into a whole new awareness of your body and yourself as a sexual being.


For women, it’s an amazing opportunity to let go of pleasing and doing, to just receive and be honoured as a woman, to surrender completely and feel her feminine essence. Many women have had less than respectful experiences with men in the past, so receiving Tantric massage from a loving partner can be a deeply healing and rejuvenating experience. Yoni (vagina) massage is part of the massage – a very gentle external and internal vaginal massage to release emotional blockages and tensions, sensitise and awaken the whole Yoni (there are many areas to discover, not just the clitoris!) and activate orgasmic potential. It can support the woman receiving to discover new aspects of her sexuality and Yoni, which naturally makes her a better lover and a happier partner!


For men, receiving Tantric massage is a chance to let go of the attachment to any kind of performance or goal orientation and to just relax and receive, to feel his whole body as a sexual organ – not just the genitals. It’s all about deeeeeply relaxing and being nurtured by powerful feminine energy. In this style of Tantric massage, the woman gives the massage using her whole body, including breasts, which is a profound experience that can often be quite erotic as well as relaxing and nourishing. Lingam (penis) massage is part of the massage – a loving and honouring massage of the penis and whole genital area to bring more sensation, relax any tension and blockages and awaken sexual energy in the whole body.


“I just wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude for the help you have given me and the knowledge and power of the Yoni learnings.

This morning I explored the use of the techniques you taught on my wife.

It was quite the passionate sensual affair.

Sparing you the obvious details – she was overwhelmed with sensation, to the point where she cried, released, cried some more, then laughed… and the world was a better place.

I will be eternally grateful for what you teach!”- Paul

A special note…

Some people we’ve spoken to are feeling a little nervous about being naked in front of others. So we wanted to be really clear – All partnered practices will be just with your own partner and you are fully supported and guided by Bonnie, Elise and their assistants during the experience. Each couple will have their own cosy nest area for the weekend where you’ll be exploring together. There will be nudity just for the Tantric massage practices, however each couple will have their own area in the room and the space is large enough that you’ll feel a sense of spaciousness. So, yes, a relaxed attitude towards nudity is required for this retreat, but all nudity will be very tasteful and just during the massage practices!


“Bonnie and Elise provide a very respectful and safe space to enable curiosity, learning and opening.” – Tamaryn


What’s Included:photo-1469989011449-f7b46079781c

* Accommodation at Gymea Eco Retreat Centre in the tropical hinterland of Byron Bay for 3 nights

* Three organic gourmet meals daily and delicious snacks

* A series of guided intimate and sensual explorations with your partner

* 4 massage rituals of giving and receiving Tantric massage with Yoni or Lingam massage.

* A lushed up nest for you and your partner for the whole journey with everything provided (your own futon, sheets, massage oils, etc)

* Your own sensual boudoir box to take home and deepen your exploration with your partner

* The support of experienced assistants throughout the retreat

* Lots of surprises and magic… 😉




Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd January, 2017

Thursday 24th – Sunday 28th of May, 2017

Bookings and enquiries

These retreats will definitely sell out (even May is being booked already) so if you’re feeling at all interested in joining us, please put your details in below.

We’ll be in touch soon to have a chat about details and answer any questions you may have!


Please note that this is ONLY for people who are actually in an intimate relationship, not for doing with a friend or practice partner as we are going deep into intimacy and relating as a couple.

This retreat is a dream come true for us, and we cannot wait to share it with you!

Bonnie and Elise


Bonnie Bliss is a Tantric bodyworker, Certified Somatic Sexologist and Yoni Massage / Yoni Mapping specialist who has spent the last 4 years of her work life supporting women to access deeper states of bliss, expansion, connection and self-love through embracing their sexuality and specifically their Yonis. She has done over 500 private sessions for women in Yoni massage and has witnessed things during these sessions that she never knew were possible. She believes that unraveling this mystery is indeed the ultimate answer to the universe… and she’s REALLY looking forward to share this with you!


Elise Savaresse is a Conscious Sexuality and Embodiment Coach. She is the creatress of The Self Pleasure Revolution and is passionate about supporting women to let go of any feeling of fear, guilt and shame around their sexuality and to connect to the spiritual experience that love making offers. She supports women expanding their perspective and experience through her online programs, Yoni massage/ Goddess Devotion session, Private Coaching and Workshops. She can not wait to actually show you guys what this whole Yoni thing is all about!